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What’s the importance of SEO? Millions of people browse online, every day. Whether they’re looking for new products and places to experience, solve a problem, or entertain themselves, you want your business to be the answer to the questions they’re asking.

Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you the power to be found. Search engines, like Google, use a set of rules to determine how websites rank on their pages. Following those rules and optimizing your content can increase your visibility — that way, when your audience is searching for something, you’re there to give them exactly what they're looking for.


Depending on each business model and its current marketing capabilities, search engine traffic may comprise from 50% to 90% of all traffic to your site.

SEO also offers long-lasting results even after a campaign is done, and that’s why SEO is one of the best marketing channels out there in terms of return of investment (ROI).

When it comes to buying the perfect jewelry, your customers are sure to research beforehand. And that research will almost certainly take place online; you want your brand to be the first one they see.

Your website is shown among the top results for customers that are already looking for your type of services online.

Increase your online presence and generate more inbound inquiries and sales.

People typically buy from brands they are familiar with. Increase your brand awareness by ranking higher and providing the answers to the questions your customers are asking.

Creating relevant content for your site and boosting SEO also helps decrease the cost of Google Ads, since Google will now refer to you as a high authority and user-friendly website.

Major Benefits Of SEO For Jewelers

Our Process

We kick off your SEO campaign by carrying out an in-depth website audit. These audits are crucial to understanding the current state of your website. In the audit, we look for any technical errors that are holding your site back.

This is a key element for any SEO campaign. Keywords are search phrases which your potential clients use to find your business. We carry out extensive keyword research and also analyze what keywords your competitors are targeting.

It’s important to outsmart your competitors and build stronger and more efficient campaigns. Smart Age SEO campaigns are specifically built to include all the elements required to beat the competition.

On-page SEO tweaks and optimizes a website to increase its visibility. As the name states, this involves making changes on your website.

Here are some examples of on-page activities that we carry out: web page meta descriptions, XML sitemap generation, internal linking, mobile SEO, web page headers, robots.txt file, Google Analytics, and search console set up.

With our industry knowledge about jewelry and digital marketing, our copywriting team creates content that makes your brand an authority on your niche and position you as a subject-matter expert to clarify any consumers’ doubts.

We track every keyword, topic, and ranking, as it’s extremely important to monitor SEO performance. This gives you details of whatever isn’t working on your website, so we can solve those issues.

You get monthly updates and reports on your campaign performance.


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of ranking a website on a search engine. Did you know that the websites listed on the first page of Google take 91.5% of all search traffic (according to a study by Chitika)? When someone is searching on a search engine, they are doing so with an intent to take action, and it is safe to assume that they are in the market for the product or service they are searching for. Being outranked by your competitors could mean lesser traffic, resulting in lesser leads and sales.

SEO is highly dependent on the search engine’s ever-changing algorithm. DId you know that Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times a year? That’s a lot to keep up with! Every time a significant change is made, our SEO specialists learn and adapt to it and implement the changes following the best practices. Since the optimization is meant for “organic” search, Google likes to give brownie points to you doing good optimizations “organically.” This is why, unlike paid ads that can go up in minutes with a little budget thrown behind them, organic rankings take up to 6 months to start improving. It depends on a lot of different factors, but an average of 4-6 months is when you can start seeing results.

We can work with most website platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, 3dcart, Bigcommerce, etc. As long as your website platform is not controlled by a central system with a parent-child relationship, we are able to optimize your website easily. We work with your web team to get access to your CMS (content management system) and make optimizations regularly.

SEO is not a one-time change. It is an activity that should be done on a regular basis, just like you maintain and clean your store. Google’s algorithm changes more than 500 times a year, and it is impossible to keep up with it unless you are doing regular optimizations on your website using an SEO partner who knows the technicalities behind these updates.

There could be a number of reasons why your competitor is ranking better. One possibility is that they could have had an older website with more history on Google. Other than that, there are things like regular updates to the website content, more content/pages on the website, better link structure, faster site speed, quality backlinks, and optimized images. A good SEO provider that knows your industry should be able to tell the exact reasons and help you work towards a strategy to outrank your competitor. But remember, it is not a quick change, it takes time.

A good place to start is your Google Analytics account. You can ask your Smart Age dedicated Account Strategist to go through the Organic channel performances with you. If you see your overall traffic from the Organic channel is improving year after year, that is the first indicator. You can also check the rankings report for the keywords your website is being ranked for. For local terms, one good place to look at is the Map Pack. For example, when you search for jewelry stores in New York City, you will see a map view with 3-4 listings under it. Those that are not paid ads are also driven by your SEO efforts.

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