spotify marketing for jewelersSmart Age offers Spotify Ads for jewelers looking to take advantage of the platform’s immense user base. With Spotify marketing, you can target an exclusive audience that your brand can’t reach through traditional broadcast audio channels. For example, if you’re looking to target millenials, Spotify Free has a higher percentage of millenials using the service than traditional radio does.

Spotify Free also allows jewelers to specifically target the listeners that are most likely to buy. With traditional radio, you are essentially “guessing” as to whether your target audience is actually receiving your message. Spotify gathers data from users and uses that data to serve them the advertisements they think the users would respond well to. In the same vein, Spotify allows allows you to track data such as how many users click on your ads and visit your website. This way, you can track the ROI of your marketing spend and make optimizations as you learn more.

Additionally, Spotify’s listener base tends to remain consistent throughout the day, building up towards nighttime. To give some perspective, radio’s listener base tends to peak in the morning and then drop off for the rest of the day. Usually people aren’t in a purchasing frame of mind in the morning, when radio achieves its peak listeners. Spotify achieves its peak listener base at night, when users are typically more comfortable, browsing on their computers, and have time to spend shopping and browsing online.

Spotify Ads is a great way to supplement your marketing efforts and increase your digital footprint. When you cast your marketing net wide in the digital space, you are able to target the users you want to target which means that you get a much better average ROI per dollar spent versus traditional marketing. Over time, you can optimize your digital marketing campaigns to achieve even greater results across various platforms.

Whatever your business goals, Smart Age offers a full-service digital marketing solution for independent jewelers. We help you manage and grow all aspects of your digital presence so you can generate more sales with a comprehensive digital strategy. We are always looking to grow our family so we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email with any questions you might have!