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Our websites are expertly designed to convert online sales effectively. Our Smart Sites are revolutionary with high-customization capabilities and powerful extensions, with key features and benefits such as:

Personalized Website Templates

Custom Landing Pages

Onsite Brands Included

Jewelry-Specific Filters Included

Responsive Design

Basic SEO Included

Customized Buttons

Contact Forms

Onsite Reviews

Account Options

Promotion Options



Optional paid features include:

Instagram Widget Integration

Payment Gateways Integration

POS Integration

FB Shop Integration

Google Shop Integration

Web Support

And Many Other Features


How do we do it?

With more than 300 websites built, we’re the most experienced agency for luxury websites in the jewelry industry. Our process is straightforward:

Our team sits down with you and listens to your website’s needs. From there, we tailor a solution based on those needs and give you an expectation of timeline and cost based on the scope for the project.

We have the team presentation, where the members that will be working on the project will be briefed on who will be all points of contact, assign all the ownership for team members, and any other steps necessary to gather all the information needed to build the site.

Our team sits down with you and gets all the detailed information necessary to upload in the site (logo, privacy policy, banners, colors, etc.).

Our Development Team designs and builds your website based on what was scoped in quotes and provided before.

Once all of the development is done, we will send you a preview link for review. With everything looking good and with your approval, we prepare for launch.

We handle the seamless transition of your old website to your new one. Once your new website is live, our team runs another full QA test to make sure everything is working 100%.

We train your team on how to use the site’s backend, implementing basic changes such as product updates, updating store hours, or editing banners. We have a dedicated support team available to develop any post launch requests that you might have, with many options for different hours at special prices to meet your needs.

Why choose us?

Our website services are proven to work. We didn’t just become titans in the industry of online marketing specializing in jewelry by chance – we earned it.

Here are some reasons to choose us:

Our Ecommerce templates are designed and developed specifically for jewelers to sell more online. From home page callouts to a quick and easy checkout process – we offer an amazing online shopping experience to your customers.

Running a business involves both online and offline systems. Our job is to connect the pieces. Whether it’s your Facebook, Instagram, and Google shops, we have options to make sure your products are updated and synced daily across all platforms.

We offer industry-leading jewelry extensions developed to increase your online sales. Some of these include: gift card system, financing options, abandoned cart tracking, drop-shipping options, as well as one-click payment with Apple, Google, and Amazon Pay.

Our extensive brand catalog offers high-quality product information and images from many of the leading jewelry designers around the world. We work on ensuring that our catalogs are updated as frequently as possible.

We take website speed and security very seriously, which is why our website has the necessary monitoring systems and a 24/7 team to provide the needed support. Our infrastructure is equipped with all the latest security protocols, ensuring stability and performance.

Being a Google Premier Partner and having a team of dedicated SEO specialists puts us at peak performance of the best SEO practices, guaranteeing high-ranks in all local search engine results.

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Our team of marketing experts are here for you. With years of experience in the world of digital marketing specializing in jewelry stores, we know exactly what it takes to bring your store to the next level. Call us today, and we can begin a new chapter in your brand’s story.


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