Our exceptionally rare Type IIa Diamonds are atomically purer and more brilliant than 98% of mined diamonds, even with identical 4C’s.


For the first time you can now own a diamond that is larger, a better color grade or a better clarity grade than what you could have bought as a mined diamond, or just simply get the same 4C’s for a better value.


Our growing process recreates nature’s magic in a diamond greenhouse. Every Pure Grown Diamond is a unique labor of love, from how it’s grown to being polished by artisanal craftsman to achieve superior brilliance and fire.

Ethically Sourced.

Origin guaranteed and ethically sourced. All of our diamond can be traced to an established, safe, and eco-friendly source.

Seven Times Better.

Growing our diamonds results in a seventh of the environmental impact of mined diamonds.

Sustainably Sourced.

Negligible levels of air pollution and water usage, with virtually no ecosystems disrupted.

Pure Magic. Pure Love.

Alongside every great love story, there is a journey. Start your journey with Pure Grown Diamonds today.