Currently, Smart Age offers a Pinterest Ads service for jewelers looking to grow their Pinterest following or generate sales from the platform. Pinterest is a great platform because it allows people to search and save products in a way that is different from normal internet shopping. Posts that display jewelry in a lifestyle way tend to perform really well because potential shoppers can see themselves in lifestyle imagery more easily than they can with plain product photos. As a result, Pinterest is a simple way to perform what is known as content marketing–or marketing your products with content that internet users enjoy consuming.

pinterest marketing for jewelersWith 75 million monthly US active users, Pinterest also offers a large audience to target. The platform is mainly used by women which means that advertising initiatives can be super-focused on content that appeals to that demographic. The benefits of this singular demographic are that your advertising budget will be less spread out, you will learn quickly what type of content works, and you will gather a lot of focused data that you can use to make better decisions. Pinterest is really great for generating sales. In fact, 82% of users have reported purchasing an item because they saw it on Pinterest. The reason for this goes back to the type of imagery found on Pinterest: lifestyle imagery. If your customer can imagine themselves wearing your product, they are more likely to buy it.

Whatever your business goals, Smart Age offers a full-service digital marketing solution for independent jewelers. We help you manage and grow all aspects of your digital presence so you can generate more sales with a comprehensive digital strategy. We are always looking to grow our family so we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email with any questions you might have!