Smart Age offers a comprehensive Instagram marketing service for jewelers because we believe that Instagram is a fantastic channel for jewelers to take advantage of. Because it’s a highly visual platform, jewelers can increase their sales by showcasing stunning product photos with captivating captions. We can accommodate you whether you’re looking to create posts and cultivate your online community or looking to run Instagram advertisements to accomplish your business goals.

Smart Age takes a unique approach to growing jewelers’ Instagram presences. We adhere to a long-term strategy in order to grow a quality community. For businesses, Instagram is all about building relationships with customers. It’s a way for companies to communicate and become friendlier with the people they’re selling to. Should a jeweler want to grow a large following, there are also quick-growth strategies that we can employ. Mostly, though, we recommend a long-term approach because even though the growth might be slower, you would be building a community of loyal followers who purchase your products. After all, having hundreds of thousands of followers who make zero purchases is less ideal than an active  following that you interact with regularly.

instagram marketing for jewelersInstagram Page Management

For Instagram page management, we create monthly calendars that are easily viewable and changeable. All you have to do is select the designers you would like us to feature. You can also request special posts with messages about financing or repair services that you want to communicate to your community. The main value add here is the ability to interact with your customers and answer their questions. A person asking a question is often just one or two steps away from making a purchase so you want to make sure you’re interacting as much as possible. Once you give your input on the types of posts you want, our Social Media team creates stunning visuals and captions that you can easily view, comment on, and provide feedback.

Instagram Ads

For Instagram ads, we can target segments of the total Instagram and Facebook ecosystem that are more inclined to buy your products and services. We take the time to gather and analyze data to see how we can best use your advertising budget. Our team of strategists is constantly looking for ways to optimize campaigns and come out ahead of competing jewelers. These advertisements can be used to accomplish goals ranging from increasing e-commerce sales to increasing foot traffic to your physical locations.

Whatever your business goals, Smart Age offers a full-service digital marketing solution for independent jewelers. We help you manage and grow all aspects of your digital presence so you can generate more sales with a comprehensive digital strategy. We are always looking to grow our family so we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email with any questions you might have!