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Top Tips To Optimize Your Jewelry Store’s Google My Business Page 

By Emmanuel Raheb 

Founder and CEO, Smart Age Solutions 

As a jewelry store owner, you can’t afford not be on Google. That’s how most customers begin their  search online, even when shopping for jewelry. A recent study found that up to 92 percent of customers search and compare competitors before making a purchasing decision. 

According to the search engine industry leader Moz, being listed on Google My Business is a major  driver to how well you’ll rank within local search results and maps. There are many advantages to  investing in your Google My Business profile to help grow your jewelry business. 

What Is Google My Business? 

Google My Business is your jewelry store’s online profile across all of Google’s services. This  includes Google’s knowledge graph, maps and search results. It’s what your customers see about you  when they use any of Google’s services. Google My Business is a major part of creating your  reputation online. 

How To Get Started With Google My Business 

If you don’t already have a Google My Business page, you’ll want to create one. You can do this easily when logged into your Google account. This is also part of your gmail account (a service which many  people use). You can find where to claim and edit your Google My Business page within the control  panel as you’re logged in. 

Start by customizing your profile. Be sure to include all the basic information regarding your jewelry  store’s hours, services offered, popular collections, as well as interior and exterior photos. The more  information you include, the better you’ll rank and the more trustworthy your jewelry store will  become. Many jewelry customers start their shopping online so how well you present yourself is when  buying decisions are made.  

Your goal is to maximize your jewelry store’s popularity, search relevance and visibility, as well as to  establish trust.  

How To Maximize Your Google My Business Page 

Here are 4 ways you can improve your digital marketing and immediately increase your Google My  Business page results.

  1. Include Your Jewelry Services

Listing all of your jewelry store’s services on your Google My Business page is another way to  optimize your profile and help it rank higher within the search results. Google suggests services based  on what people are looking for. As a service-based business, keywords such as jewelry repair, custom  jewelry and jewelry appraisal are all high-value target keywords you want to make sure your store  shows up in. 

  1. Add Your Jewelry Styles

Google My Business allows you to promote individual products on your page. This is the perfect  opportunity for you to curate the most popular jewelry styles or highlight a specific collection. Your  profile can include photos, description and price –making it to perfect digital jewelry catalog. You can  even link them directly to the specific product page on your website – and it’s all 100% free. There’s  no reason why you shouldn’t get started. 

  1. Respond To Google Reviews

With the decline of third-party review sites such as Four Square, Facebook reviews and even Yelp,  people are increasingly relying on the reviews found in Google’s own search results to make their  buying decisions.  

The more positive star ratings and reviews you have on Google, the better and higher you’re jewelry  store will rank. Many SEO experts consider signals from reviews (number of stars, quality, depth,  diversity and quantity) to be one of the most powerful local SEO factors that Google looks at. 

Replying to each and every review you receive (both positive and negative) is a great way to impact  Google’s secret algorithm and ensure that your jewelry store continues to remain relevant and rank  well. 

  1. Ask And Answer Questions

Google makes it extremely easy for you to address your customers questions and concerns. Your  Google My Business profile allows you to include a FAQ area, where frequency asked questions can be made public for everyone’s knowledge. This is your chance to educate potential customers even before they set foot in your store! 

Write down a list of the most common jewelry questions you and your staff encounter each day. These  are perfect to include within your profile and provides a rich source of fresh content for Google. Each 

question becomes yet another source of keywords with the potential to appear next time someone does  a search for jewelry. The more questions and answers you include, the better chance you’ll rank. 

In conclusion, Google My Business is a powerful way to to be found by new customers, but it’s not a  one-time thing. As a local discovery tool, you must constantly edit and update your page to maximize  your marketing and increase your online presence.  

This includes publishing fresh content, updating your jewelry store’s opening and closing hours when  they change, attracting new customer reviews, and responding to prospective inquiries. It’s also crucial to monitor new developments from Google to take advantage of new features and always stay one-step  ahead of your competition. 

Ultimately, the more time and effort your jewelry store invests into Google My Business, the more your sales will benefit. Get the most out of this amazing opportunity and get started today. 

If you need any help optimizing your jewelry store’s Google My Business profile, don’t hesitate to  contact our marketing specialists at Smart Age Solutions. The only Google and Facebook partner for  the jewelry industry. 


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