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How To Boost Your Jewelry Website For Bridal Season 

By Emmanuel Raheb
Founder and CEO, Smart Age Solutions 

Get ready. The tsunami is coming. All of those weddings that were canceled over the past two years  are roaring back in 2022. According to the Wedding Report, 2.5 million weddings are expected to  happen this year – the most since 1984 – making this a boom for retail jewelers. 

With engagements and weddings rebounding, it’s a great time to take advantage of pent-up demand and scale your marketing. According to the Washington Post, 47% of couples who planned to marry in  2020 postponed their weddings, with the average wedding expected to cost $24,300 in 2022. 

The pandemic and recent events have exposed the fragility of life, making weddings all that more  meaningful in a person’s life. People are looking for the perfect engagement ring to propose with and  the perfect wedding band and other jewelry pieces to complete their special day to create the wedding  of their dreams. 

Here are 6 tips to help boost your jewelry website for bridal season. 

  1. Promote your best sales.

Most young couples have limited funds and are usually tight with their spending and have a specific  budget in mind when shopping for an engagement ring or wedding bands. Although rings are the focal  point, other wedding jewelry is also important to complete a brides look. Promote your best sales and  include wedding sets (engagement ring with matching wedding band) or complete ring packages  (which also includes the matching man’s band) for a winning combination. Shop once and it’s done, is  a creative and powerful offer. What could be more perfect than that? 

  1. Use a minimalistic design.

Take the time to simplify your website. Stay away from crowded website designs that are too busy. If  your jewelry website has too many competing elements, it becomes less about what you offer and  harder for the visitor to find what they’re looking for. Less is always more. Also, a clear and concise  website also loads faster and helps you rank higher in Google – an added bonus!  

  1. Promote your physical location.

One advantage that retail jewelers have over online-only jewelry sellers is that they have an actual store someone can walk into. Many potential fiancées and future brides prefer to see their engagement ring 

or wedding bands in-person so that they can see how it actually looks on their hand. A website can  never match the experience of shopping in-store, especially when it comes to the most important day of your life.  

  1. Nurture prospect into customers with email marketing.

If you’re not doing email marketing and don’t currently have a list, you need to start one immediately.  You should be running drip campaigns and contacting your prospect list on a weekly basis, at a  minimum.  

Be forewarned that purchasing email lists is a big NO-NO. You want these to be real people who have  visited your website or store and chosen to hear from you. For every 100 people that opt-in to your  email list, you can expect at least a few sales.  

Include special offers like a jewelry style of the week, contests for the best customer love story,  upcoming trunk shows or special events. The goal is to always stay in front of your community so  they’ll remember you when the big day arrives. 

  1. Use PPC pay-per-click marketing to help drive immediate sales.

PPC advertising is always a great idea and it allows you to target who, when, and where your ads are  shown. Unlike traditional print advertising, you’re able to control every dimension of your advertising  on a granular level. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad, which makes PPC one of the most  cost-effective marketing channels available. And, if one of your campaigns isn’t performing well, you  can immediately change things to make it successful. With instant results, you can easily monitor your  progress.  

  1. Use customer reviews to your advantage.

Customer reviews are one of the most powerful ways to build trust and convert new customers. There  have been many studies done which have proven that products with more reviews generate more sales  because people naturally trust the real-life experiences of others.  

Reviews can be featured on your website, included in your advertising, become part of a social media  campaign or used in email marketing and other channels. Gathering reviews should be one of your key daily marketing activities. Positive reviews are the best advertising money can’t buy. 

In conclusion, the biggest lesson of 2022 is not to wait. This year is already shaping-up to become one  of the best years ever for retail jewelers. But, you need take control and harness consumer demand. 

Use these tips to grow your jewelry business and you’ll capture one of the largest wedding booms in  modern history!  


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