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7 Engaging Instagram Content Ideas For Valentine’s Day In 2022 

By Emmanuel Raheb
Founder and CEO, Smart Age Solutions 

Valentine’s Day, first celebrated in the year 496 AD as a Christian day of feasting, became associated with love during the 1400’s, eventually evolving into the holiday we know today. The myth of Cupid’s arrow and the ritual of giving flowers, sending cards, unboxing chocolates and gifting jewelry have continued to endure. Just like with a couple’s love, the importance of Valentine’s Day has grown over time. 

According to a recent survey by Statistica, the total expected spending amount on Valentine’s Day this year will reach 24 billion USD, which people plan to spend on gifts across all categories (jewelry, roses, chocolates, greeting cards, a nice evening out, etc.). The survey also noted that 6.2 billion USD of these sales will be specifically jewelry-related (with diamond jewelry being favored). With numbers like these, Valentine’s Day should make every jeweler’s heart flutter. What a tremendous opportunity! 

Here are seven engaging Instagram content ideas to grow your Valentine’s Day jewelry sales during this special time. 

  1. Share love stories.

Create a personal connection and invite your audience to share their own personal love stories. What makes their loved-one so special and unique? People love telling their story and reading about other people’s stories. It really helps and shows how much you care. 

  1. Host a Valentine’s Day giveaway.

Surprise your audience with a special Valentine’s Day giveaway. Select your most popular jewelry styles and give people a chance to win one of them. Be careful and don’t skimp on the prize. Make it exciting. Everyone loves a good contest, especially when the prize is tempting. Get creative and ask everyone to tag the person they believe has the biggest heart or has done something special in their life or community. What personal obstacles have they overcome? Anything related to love, family or community will work. Think outside the box and make it happen!

  1. Create your own hashtag.

You always want to use the top hashtags on your Instagram posts, but why not create your own? Ask your audience to submit their own photos with their favorite jewelry styles and tag them. Display your own unique hashtag prominently on your showcase counter and publicize it in all your marketing. Having your own special Instagram hashtag is a fun and exciting way for people to search your jewelry styles on Instagram. 

  1. Show your craftsmanship.

A great way to bond with your audience is to peel back the curtain and show how your jewelry is actually made. This is perfect if your jewelry store specializes in custom design and allows you to highlight your best work. There’s no better sales tool than a unique, custom jewelry piece you’re extremely proud of. People are always fascinated to see how great artists work! 

  1. Create a Valentine’s Day poll.

People love to respond to surveys. Create a quick poll (one or two questions) and ask your audience what their favorite type of jewelry is and which styles they would love to receive on Valentine’s Day. Any question related to jewelry or romance will work. Get your customers to choose with their heart and they’ll eventually vote with their wallets. 

  1. Run a photo contest.

Jewelry is the perfect item to feature in an Instagram photo contest. Your audience can post their favorite jewelry pieces and share styling ideas. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be jewelry-related, the goal is to have fun with your audience and get them excited about your channel. Whatever you think your audience would want to post is a great choice. Be creative. There are many different themes you could go with, so make it your own! 

  1. Host an Instagram Valentine’s Day event.

Make Instagram a core part of your Valentine’s Day strategy. Host a special event and live-stream it from your store. This is a great way to reach a very large audience, even those who have not been able to visit you. The Instagram algorithm actually prefers live content and video over static images, giving these type of posts much more weight. This means that more people will see you and your jewelry store!

Whatever type of marketing you do, remember that jewelry is a relationship business. No matter which Instagram content idea you use, the important thing is to always engage with your audience. Make them feel special and appreciated because -- just like in dating -- that’s the only way they’ll ever fall in love with YOU. 


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