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5 Simple Steps For A Solid SEO Strategy This Holiday Season 

By Emmanuel Raheb
Founder and CEO, Smart Age Solutions 

The holiday season is upon us with consumers ready and anxious to spend. With pent-up demand  caused by the pandemic and a reason to celebrate this year as the world slowly re-opens, you can  expect a busy and brisk jewelry shopping season. You can also expect increased competition for the  same consumer dollars. What will you do to make sure your jewelry store gets its own fair share? 

Now is the perfect time to completely overhaul your SEO strategy. You’ll want to look at your  optimization process, holiday-specific elements, and any related campaigns you’re running. 

Here are five tips to improve your SEO to make this year your best year ever! 

  1. Make sure your local business listings are accurate.

Your first duty is to ensure that all of your online local business listings are accurate. This includes  your website, Yelp, Google Business Profile and others. When someone does a search for your jewelry store’s name, what comes up? Act like your customer and see things through their eyes. Maintain  accurate contact information including phone number, address, email and more. You’ll also want to  check your store’s hours and update any holiday changes. It’s always a good idea to review your  business profiles at least once a year and remove any old information that pops up in the search results.  Remember, you can’t make a sale if your customer can’t find you. 

  1. Write high quality content that people want to read.

Content is the foundation of SEO. It’s how Google knows that your website is relevant. If you want to ensure that your site comes up in the search results, you need to provide Google with what consumers  are searching for. Writing high-quality content is a skill and just churning out articles or keyword  stuffing paragraphs won’t cut it. Google knows the difference between lazy filler writing and quality  content. Be careful with trying to game the search engine results. You want to focus on writing for  your jewelry buyer rather than writing just for Google. People buy from trusted sources they like and  know. Focus on helping the jewelry buyer with useful information first, then on helping Google  discover your content. This is how you’ll not only rank effectively, but also make the sale. Your  customer is the one who pays you – not Google. 

  1. Improve the user experience on your website.

How people use your website has a dramatic effect on your search results. Google is now taking into  consideration the overall user experience of a customer to determine how it ranks one jewelry business  over another. Is your site easy to use? Does it load fast? Is the navigation clear? Can people easily  find what they’re looking for? Do your visitors stay on your site a long time or do they leave quickly?  All these indicators are now considered critical ranking factors for Google. It’s crucial that your  website serve its visitors the best experience possible. 

  1. Make your site mobile-friendly.

With mobile e-commerce sales up from $1.8 trillion in 2018 to $3.56 trillion in 2021, your jewelry  website absolutely has to be mobile-friendly. It’s no longer an option. And especially when you  consider that many people rarely use a desktop computer anymore, with everything being a mere click  away in their pocket on the phone. View your site how your consumers would see it. Take out your  phone and try ordering something. How easy is it? Making your site mobile-friendly and as  frictionless as possible is one of the quickest ways to increase your jewelry sales. 

  1. Hire an SEO expert.

When you get right down to it, most SEO is really common sense. It’s stuff you should be doing  anyway, if you knew what you were doing. The problem is you’re a busy jewelry store owner who  wears many hats. Do you really want to wear one more? An SEO consultant or agency can assess your site and do an audit. They know what to look for and can advise you on which keywords you’re  currently ranking for and what steps to improve your results. They can help you prioritize your SEO  strategy and give you a list of action items to help your site immediately. Using the services of a true  SEO expert will easily pay for itself. 

In closing, time is short. The holiday season is upon us and in a few short months the year will be over. What you do now will have a lasting effect on your jewelry store’s success. Follow these five simple  steps and make this year your best year ever! 

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