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5 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Season 

By Emmanuel Raheb 

Founder and CEO, Smart Age Solutions 

Every jeweler knows that the busiest time of year are the holidays, the period from November to  January when consumers are celebrating engagements and shopping for gifts for loved-ones. This is  your prime selling season and you’ll want to maximize your efforts to get the most out of every  marketing dollar. 

According to recent studies, online shopping represents between 18% to 20% of all retail sales globally and this number is only expected to grow. Whether you’re actively selling online or using digital  marketing to drive foot traffic into your jewelry store, you’ll want to avoid these 5 holiday marketing  mistakes. 

  1. Not investing enough in paid advertising.

Digital marketing can produce fantastic organic results to reach your audience. But, remember you’re  dependent on Google and Facebook’s algorithms to make things “go viral”. The only way to guarantee that someone sees your content is to pay for it.  

One of the best ways to invest in your paid advertising is to create a custom audience based on your  Facebook followers. You can also use the demographics and profile data of your existing customer  base to go after people who are similar to your current customers. Not only do birds of a feather flock  together, but so do jewelry buyers in the same social groups. Custom audiences enable you to reach  customers who are receptive to the styles and brands that your jewelry store carries. 

Another good method of paid advertising is to target previous website visitors and segment them based  on user behavior. Anyone who added a product to your shopping cart is a prime target to go after. With a remarketing ad you can remind and encourage these reluctant buyers to come back to your site to  complete the sale. There is a return on investment you can immediately see and this type of ad easily  pays for itself. 

  1. No marketing plan going into the holiday season.

For the holidays, you should have planned your marketing back in the summertime. It takes time to  coordinate all the pieces to create successful campaigns. You need marketing assets such as text,  images and video. You also need to know which styles to feature and what format your ad will be. 

Even as we’re in Fall, stop now and take time to plan your marketing until the end of the year. There  are still things you can accomplish if you make the holidays a priority at your jewelry store. If you  don’t have the resources now, then shift your focus to New Years. Start next year off on the right foot  which will help carry you throughout the year. 

  1. No special holiday offers.

Part of what makes the holidays so special are all the great deals everyone has. Promotions are no  longer an option, consumers expect them. It’s what draws people into your website or jewelry store.  You need something to promote which stops them dead in their tracks and makes them want to know  more. People have a lot of options to choose from, not only with competing jewelry stores but also  with other types of gifts. Jewelry very often competes with electronics, fashion handbags, and even  “experiences” (such as spa treatments, vacations, etc.). A good holiday offer can mean the difference  between someone buying jewelry or giving serious consideration to another choice of gift. 

  1. Not optimizing your mobile site.

Think of the last time you needed to visit a website. Did you use your desktop computer or did you  simply reach into your pocket and pull out your phone? User behavior has changed. The whole world  is now at your fingertips with unlimited knowledge and jewelry styles to choose from. E-commerce  sales are expected to be over 50% mobile driven in 2021, which is a first. Desktops aren’t going away  entirely but they’re just not how many people shop online anymore. The phone is now king! 

  1. Missing-out on chances to up-sell or cross-sell your products.

With every item you sell, you should use it as an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell other products.  When someone buys a necklace, why not suggest matching earrings? When someone buys a bracelet,  why not encourage them to buy more and create their own jewelry stack? When someone buys a few  items of the same style, why not encourage them to explore the full collection? This exposes more  opportunities to make sales and increases the average order amount. 

Remember, your best source of new orders are always your existing customers. First-time buyers are  27% likely to come back to your business, but second or third time buyers are 54% likely to return.  There’s a familiarity there. Your customers already know, like and trust you! Use it to your advantage. 

In conclusion, the holidays are your time to shine. Avoid these 5 marketing mistakes and improve your campaigns. Analyze what worked in past years and vow to do things differently this year. Avoid a  rushed and haphazard approach by taking time to truly understand your audience and what your 

marketing goals are. By making the holidays a priority in your jewelry business, your customers won’t be the only ones celebrating. 

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